Are you an entrepreneur struggling with self-doubt and low self-esteem? Do you find yourself shying away from the camera or struggling to put yourself out there in your business?

If so, you’re not alone. Many female entrepreneurs struggle with these same issues. But the good news is, you don’t have to stay stuck in self-doubt forever.

As a conversational hypnotherapist and coach who specializes in scopophobia aka fear of camera or visibility, I’ve helped female entrepreneurs unblock their potential, conquer fears, gain confidence to get visible and boost their business results. And now, I’m thrilled to announce my self-hypnosis audio and ebook that can help you do the same.

In “Supercharge Your Confidence and Self-Esteem for Business Success”, you’ll learn:

‣ Common reasons people lack self-esteem and confidence
‣ The benefits of building self-confidence
‣ Signs of low self-confidence and lack of self-esteem
‣ Myths and misconceptions regarding self-confidence
‣ What to do once you’ve identified your lack of confidence

Plus, you’ll get a worksheet and a self-hypnosis audio that will help you increase your confidence and self-esteem, starting today.

The best part? You can get all of this for just $49.

Invest in yourself and your business today. Get “Supercharge Your Confidence and Self-Esteem for Business Success” and start building the confidence you need to get visible and succeed.

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Here's what some of my clients have to say...

Natalia H.
Sydney, Australia

"After our first session, I just got my camera and started recording a short video. It was a dramatic turnaround. I immediately took it to the next level and started doing videos to promote my work."

Nikola B.
Prague, Czech Republic

"Your session brought me a sense of calmness and inner trust, which is helping me do all things much more easily. I did things in my lives which I thought would never be possible. I felt so good after that, and I realized that I really, really love it."

Renea W.
Texas, USA

"I was so scared of the camera, but the session with you helped me overcome that fear and start making content for my business. It has changed everything! Thank you so much, you were worth every bit of time and money. I feel like I can now make so much more of myself."

Evie P.
London, UK

"As a Life Architect and a Certified Master Freedom and Mindset coach myself, it felt ironic to seek help with mindset issues, but I needed to overcome my visibility blocks to take my business to the next level. Isabel's warmth, understanding, and powerful questioning helped me break free from self-doubt and show up fearlessly in all aspects of my life. I have experienced remarkable growth and achievements and now lead my entrepreneurs’ empowerment group with confidence and authenticity, no longer hindered by overthinking or worries about how I am perceived online."


HEY! OlÁ! Hello! I'm Isabel!

I help women entrepreneurs build up the courage to share their unique personalities with the world and conquer the business game.
I’m a Conversational Hypnotherapist and Coach, based in Lisbon, Portugal, who specializes in Scopophobia aka Fear of Camera or Visibility, helping women record super-awesome videos and grow their brand visibility online like a winner.
I launched Sunny Vibes — a space to help women rewire their subconscious and accelerate success in 2022 and share no plan to take a step back.
Not long back, I was also in the same boat, feeling anxious and afraid. Today, I help women rise above such fears, unlock their true potential, and achieve their dreams.
It’s time to leave the fear of the camera behind and share your awesomeness with the world. Show the world who you are. Be visible, confident, and most of all, YOU. Let me help you become the face of your business and achieve great things.
Let’s record success together!

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